Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inflatable Group Critique

For our inflatable we made a jellyfish. Overall it was a great success. Our location couldn't have been better; a jelly fish right by the fountain! There were a few problems though. The first would be our jellyfish was a little lumpy but we did our best in trying to create dome. Another small problem was our tentacles kept being blown under our jelly by the wind. Maybe if we would have had air moving through them the would have stayed put. The sign we made definitely helped people to know it was a jellyfish even though the tentacles weren't always super visible. The last minor problem was our vent hole at the top should have been a little bit bigger so we would be able to close our door all the way.

The Jellyfish group: Kim, Ollie, Selena, Lauren, Mirella

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